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  • 02/06/2023 3:39 AM | Fashion Umbrella Foundation, Inc. (Administrator)

    Since the pandemic, the Fashion Umbrella Foundation has worked hard to stay creative in its fundraising initiatives that assist in keeping programs alive, keeping the doors of this youth-development-driven organization. With programs that cater to youth and the arts community reigniting the Foundation’s membership program was an easy decision to make and a unanimous vote from its Executive Board.

    As a member of the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, individuals and entities will receive benefits like first notice of upcoming programs, registration deadlines, and events. Members will also receive discounted or complimentary tickets (depending on the event) and invites to private events for members of the organization.

    “We had this platform in place before, but the man hours needed to keep it flowing were more than I could handle, but now that the team is growing, we can have a stronger designated concentration devoted solely to the membership portal. I am excited about this accomplishment so early in this new fiscal year, and we hope everyone else will be excited too.” State Nixon.

    With the new design and launch of the membership portal, the team is working hard to include additional benefits. The Fashion Umbrella Foundation membership site also serves as a portal for learning opportunities sponsored by Fashion Umbrella University, a learning component of the organization.

    Although the member portal has been under design for months, the official launch date is February 6, 2023. To visit the site and become a member today, go to (https://members.fashionumbrella.org) to sign up.

    For more information about the Fashion Umbrella Foundation’s membership component, mission, and other programs the organization offers, visit (https://www.fashionumbrella.org).

  • 09/22/2022 12:18 AM | Fashion Umbrella Foundation, Inc. (Administrator)

    When the pandemic struck the world, it was time to pull out the creative hats to develop initiatives to keep the doors open and the mission alive for the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, a grassroots organization in the Bromo Arts District of Baltimore City, State of Maryland.  During the pandemic, the Foundation found itself in financial straits, and the need for creative fundraising initiatives was a requirement, so the art program Nixon Art Gallery was formed. Although the Nixon Art Gallery was created to assist the foundation in raising funds, it did not come with ease.

    "When you are as passionate as I am about what I do, and my passion trickles over into the Fashion Umbrella Foundation and youth, no matter how dark it may seem, God will always come in and shed light on a situation and pull you through." Stated Sharan Nixon.

    On October 1, 2022, the Fashion Umbrella Foundation will host its first art exhibit created solely by its founder, Sharan Nixon, with an exhibit opening. The art is what saved not only Nixon but turned into a way to generate donations and continue the heartbeat of the Fashion Umbrella Foundation. The creative art pieces at the exhibit will be an array of designs on canvas and items made from resin.

    A unique part of this exhibit is the 3D collection created using various mediums.

    The art exhibit will be hosted at The Black Genius Art Show and open to the public from October 1 through October 14, 2022. The hours for the exhibit are Monday through Saturday from 12 pm to 6 pm. Visit the Fashion Umbrella Foundation website to register https://www.fashionumbrella.org/events.

    Artwork purchased from the exhibit is tax deductible. Send questions or comments to info@fashionumbrella.org.

"Fashion Umbrella Foundation, Inc." is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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